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Global Insights

Our Global Insights teams are built around one core principle: finding out as much as possible about our consumers and customers. We have access to insights, most of which are unique to our business; and we work closely with our Global Healthcare and Beauty Brands and Global Brands Operations colleagues to transform those insights into ways of working.

Our information comes from our retail partner loyalty schemes, which each have millions of members. Combined with market data, this information enables us to get to the bottom of what customers want, fast.

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Our people

Our expert teams are made up of talented people from across the globe. See what makes us different and why they love working for us.

Tom Patterson Senior Geospatial Analyst– Strategic DataOps Strategic Data Ops

After joining the team in 2013 to support Location Analytics in the UK, my role has changed dramatically to embrace a network of stakeholders across the globe, supporting the spatial analysis and strategic planning of store estates, market growth and customer demographics. In that time, it has been necessary to rapidly adapt to new datasets, modelling techniques and bespoke analytical requests that help deliver insights and web mapping tools that significantly impact decision making across the business.

Almost every project I work on has unique challenges and deliverables, so the ability to be creative, flexible and successfully communicate with all parties is crucial, particularly as Data Science (and Spatial Analysis in particular) is still an untapped resource to many business areas, offering an array of opportunities to explore.

Amongst many highlights, I recently travelled to Shanghai to help identify a suitable Pilot site where we subsequently launched our first partnership store with GuoDa – the opportunity to be at the forefront of large, strategic projects and influence key decisions is hugely motivational, and keeps my role feeling fresh and exhilarating!

Emma Eatch CRM Manager Global Data & Analytics

I joined the Global Analytics team as a CRM Analyst in 2012, having been with Boots since 2003 in a variety of roles from Pharmacy Technician to Business Analyst. As a CRM analyst I worked on personalised customer communications across a broad range, from ensuring the offer given to a customer at the end of their transaction was the best offer for them, to new product and brand launches, to recall programmes.

18 months later I was promoted to CRM Manager, and now lead a team of 5 analysts responsible for personalised communications for Opticians, Pharmacy Services, Ireland and International. I also co-created an initiative called ‘Inspiration In Insights’ which focuses on understanding diversity through self-development. I’ve loved my journey and the development opportunities it has created for me, there’s no such thing as a ‘typical day’ as our markets and customers are ever changing, and I love seeing how our recommendations then turn into tangible changes in our campaigns that then impact our customers and patients.


Luke Matthews CRM Analyst Personalisation & Digital Insights

I joined the Personalisation & Digital Insights strand of Global Analytics as a graduate in 2017.  After being quickly introduced to the broad world of insight-driven marketing, my involvement and ownership of delivering cross-channel campaigns has blossomed.  Starting as a blank canvas, in just over 1 and a half years I’ve developed a strong and evolving skillset, which contains a well-balanced blend of both the technical (coding languages, data visualisation and report building) and softer sides (interpersonal skills, communication and stakeholder management).

The biggest selling-point to the role is being able to have a hands-on role in the end-to-end process of projects, campaigns and initiatives, right through from scoping to delivery.  Seen as an expert voice of the data, we often hold the key to answering questions before they’re even asked.  Having a trusted access to unparalleled datasets leaves us in a privileged position to truly understand and represent each customer as an individual.  The actions and decisions we make can have an immediately positive impact on millions of customers all year round.

Standout projects include: regular successful delivery of the Quarterly Mailer; implementation of the new points redemption program and creation of a predictive-threshold model.

Tom Patterson Senior Geospatial Analyst– Strategic DataOps Strategic Data Ops
Emma Eatch CRM Manager Global Data & Analytics
Luke Matthews CRM Analyst Personalisation & Digital Insights


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